Functional cFDR results (chromosome 22)

From my MCA analysis:

This implies that we should be iterating over several dimensions.

Iteration 1: Functional cFDR on original p values and -q1 (to ensure low q enriched for low p) to obtain v1.

Iteration 2: Functional cFDR in a two-step approach to deal with big positive and big negative q being enriched for small p. (1) (v1, -q2)=v2_tmp (2) (v2_tmp, q2)=v2. Note that cor(v2, q2)=0.00802974 here so this method wouldn’t automatically be selected.

Iteration 3: Functional cFDR on v2 and -q3 (to ensure low q enriched for low low p) to obtain v3.

Iteration 4: Functional cFDR on v3 and q4 to obtain v4.

Below, I plot V1,…,V4 against the original p values: